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Our latest VoIP line-up

The GAI-TRONICS Voice over IP telephony stack is server-less enabling you efficient and reliable communications.

NERA Inc | 25 years and counting..

NERA Inc is an official PBE Page Boss, FEMCO and GAI-Tronics (HUBBELL Companies) AUSTDAC, Cableform and DTI Service and Sales Center.  Our success comes from providing safe and dependable products our customers can rely upon.  Our prices are fair and we deliver on time which we know is critical.  We look forward to being able to help service you.  How can we help?

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Loud Speaking Telephone

GAI-Tronics AM7011 | AM7021

Page Boss

Page Boss 111, 112, 113, 117 & 119

Weatherproof Page Phone

Page Boss Model 117

Page Boss Model 117

Mine Dial/Page Phone

GAI-Tronics 491-204

Ground Check Monitor

GAI-Tronics GM8900

LED Lighting

DTI IP68 Waterproof

Sales & Repair / Service

At NERA Inc, we stand behind our products and offer both sales and repair services.  As one of Canada’s longest standing and authorized Hubbell dealers, you can trust us!  Our product line includes Femco, GAI-Tronics, DTI, Austdac and Cableform.   By selling the best products, you are getting the safest, most durable, and industry vetted mining equipment.  You can also count on us to be there after your equipment is installed.  We proudly service and support all our customers post-installation.  Let’s do this!