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The Mining industry is continuously evolving and our manufacture of rugged communications, lighting, control gear, electrical connection and hard wearing products available to support the industry promote and facilitate its continued growth.

Integrated. Serverless.

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Built to last, and keep your team safe.

Below is a selection of some of the equipment we have available, if you aren’t able to find what you are looking for just send a message, we can help!

DTI Industrial Work & ATV LED Lighting Systems

Aluminum die cast housing. Waterproof, Dustproof, IP68 Rating+ (submersible 1meter for 24hrs).  Click here for ATV LED’s.

DTI Angleblasters

Setup system utilized in angular and plain blast pattern developments. Optimize hole patterns for precise blasting. 

TERRA Depth Monitoring

The TERRA DM is a depth measurement system designed for accurate depth monitoring for uniform drilling hole patterns. 

DTI Smart Safety Cable Barriers

A wireless Smart Safety Cable Barrier is used to rope off designated dangerous or unsafe areas to vehicle or equipment travel. A wireless electronic pull switch which can turn alert lights and sounds “ON” at a distance of 100m in a clear line of sight of receiver.

TERRA Switches

A wireless electronic switch which can turn industrial equipment, machinery, automation, alert lights and sounds OFF or ON at a distance of 100m in a clear line of sight. Please note that no batteries are required on the transmitters they work on induction.

TERRA Portable Laser Scanner

The TERRA PS100 is a Portable Laser Scanner designed for accurate readings of several elements that help in detecting the blast hole’s conditions.  It quickly and accurately checks / verifes drilled hole depths including debris, water and voids – as well as hole angle and drill deviations.


The TERRA J2 Angle Detection System is designed for 1 or 2 boom Jumbo drills aiding in drilling accurate blast hole patterns for mining.

• The TERRA J2 Angle Detection System aids the operator in machine setup of diffcult compound Ring and Dump angles.

• The TERRA J2 Angle Detection System indicates drill’s string table position in all three axis horizontal and vertical as well as the azimuth. The Terra J2 system can be installed as an add-on for most makes and models.