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The Mining industry is continuously evolving and our manufacture of rugged communications, lighting, control gear, electrical connection and hard wearing products available to support the industry promote and facilitate its continued growth.

Integrated. Serverless.

Check our latest line up of GAI-Tronics Access Control and Communications products.  Download the brochure here.

Built to last, and keep your team safe.

Below is a selection of some of the equipment we have available, if you aren’t able to find what you are looking for just send a message, we can help!

Mine Dial / Page Phone (491-204)

The GAI-TRONICS Mine Dial/Page Phone system provides the convenience of a telephone station plus paging capabilities, in gaseous or dusty locations where standard telephone equipment is considered too hazardous

Loud Speaking Phone (AM7011 | AM7021)

The Loudspeaking Telephone (LST) is a completely self-contained battery-powered communication
unit that provides loudspeaker paging and handset party line conversation over a twisted telephone line.

Ground Check Monitor (GM8900)

For ground-continuity monitoring of AC mining cables up to 1000 Volts.  Developed to comply with MSHA requirements, the tone monitor interrupts power to the
mining machine if ground is broken.

Ground Sentinel II (GM8950)

The Ground Check Monitor / Ground Fault Relay (GFR) consists of a GM8900 Ground Check Monitor and a GFR in a shared housing. They are intended to be used on the same three-phase AC mine electrical circuit.

Rayovac 12 Volt Battery

This baterry is built to exceed performance demands of industrial applications and is guaranteed against leakage.  It is also Mercury- and cadmium free, meaning it meets EPA requirements for convenient landfill disposal.

Interface Cabinet (495-001)

Used in conjunction with a Public or Private Branch Exchange PBX.  Each station is made up of three components; (1) the Mine Dial/Page Phone located where needed (2) a GAI-TRONICS interface card, and (3) an interface cabinet.