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Page Boss  113 Loudspeaking  Phone

  • Product: Page Boss Model 113
  • Date: Early 2000’s
  • Manufacturer: PBE (Pyott Boone Electronics)
  • Product Type: Loudspeaking / Paging

Page Boss 113

The Page Boss Model 113 Loudspeaking Phone is one of our newest in the line up.


  • Loudspeaker Capability: Powerful loudspeaker for clear, audible communication.

  • Telephone Functionality: Standard telephone features for easy and familiar use.

  • Hands-Free Operation: Enables hands-free communication for convenience and multitasking.

  • Volume Control: Adjustable volume settings for personalized sound levels.

  • Rugged Design: Durable construction to withstand harsh environments.

  • Emergency Alerts: Integrated emergency alert system for quick response in critical situations.

  • Compatibility: Compatible with various communication systems and networks.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive interface for straightforward operation.

  • Versatile Mounting Options: Multiple mounting options for flexible installation.

  • Enhanced Clarity: Ensures clear, distortion-free audio for effective communication.




Introducing the PBE Page Boss Model 113 Loudspeaking Telephone, engineered by PBE Group, a leader in advanced communication solutions for mining and industrial sectors. Designed for clear, hands-free communication in challenging environments, this rugged telephone features powerful loudspeaker capability and intuitive controls. Trust PBE’s expertise for reliable communication solutions that ensure safety and efficiency in every operation.”