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GM8950 Sentinel Ground Check Monitor & Fault Relay 

  • Manufacturer: GAI-Tronics | FEMCO (a Hubbell Company)
  • Product Type: Ground Continuity Monitoring & Fault Relay

GAI-Tronics | FEMCO

Ground Check Monitor and Fault Relay


  • Option of Three Different Frequencies
  • Eliminate Monitor Crosstalk
  • Remove Multiple Groun Problems
  • Extended Cable Lengths Are Possible
  • Monitor and Control Over Power Cables


The GAI-Tronics GM8950 combined Ground Check Monitor / Ground Fault Relay (GFR) consists of a GM8900 Ground Check Monitor (Ground Sentinel®) and a GFR in a shared housing. They are intended to be used on the same three-phase AC mine electrical circuit. The trip contacts of the Ground Sentinel and GFR are internally pre-wired for series or shunt trip of the mine circuit breaker.

The GAI-Tronics Ground Sentinel along with the associated filters is designed to  monitor the continuity of the ground circuit of electrical power circuits in mines. The three-phase wires or the pilot wire are used as a return signal path for the
Ground Sentinel.